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Cloud-Based Software

Cloud-based software
HayCloud is cloud-based with no software to install.

Having launched our cloud-based system in 2008, we have extensive experience delivering secure software via the cloud. Cloud-based software has many advantages over locally-installed software:

Users in Different Locations can View Critical Information in Real-Time

HayCloud allows users in different locations to view up-to-date information. Many of our users have multiple pressing locations, or perhaps an office in one city and the hay press in another. HayCloud makes sharing real-time data a breeze.

Access your Data from any Device

You can use HayCloud from any web-enabled device. It works on PCs, Macs, smart phones, and tablets. This connectivity means that the system can be accessed outside the office, too. You can have hay buyers out in the field entering contracts directly into the system. You can also allow truck drivers to enter scale tickets at remote locations.

Your Data is Secure and Backed-Up Automatically

When you move to HayCloud you no longer need to worry about backing up your data locally. Your database is automatically backed up daily by our server technicians.

Allow Different Levels of Access to Different Types of Users

You can set up different roles to allow different types of users access to different information. For instance, you may have a separate login for growers to access their relevent information, a login for your data-entry staff, a login for your customers to check on shipments, and a separate administrator login for yourself that gives you access to all the reporting features. You can also make a special role for sales staff so they can enter bookings for a specified set of customers.

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