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Loading a hay truck at the field
HayCloud tracks inventory from the field to the customer overseas.

Track Production from Multiple Fields

HayCloud allows you to set up as many Growers and fields as you need. You can track product coming from each field all the way to the customer overseas. You can also track field history over multiple seasons.

Track Inventory at all Storage and Press Barns

HayCloud allows you to enter as many storage and press barns as you need. The system keeps inventory by field at each barn. Loads coming into storage barns that are not weighed are given estimated tonnages based on projected average bale weights.

Split Loads on Trucks and Containers

HayCloud has the ability to split loads between multiple field origins on each incoming truck. The same is true for containers. You can specify several field origins within a single container.

Track Inventory Contributed by Multiple Growers/Balers

Do you have a cooperative of growers or balers? HayCloud allows you to easily track the product contributed by each member.

Pressed Hay Inventory

Some exporters press and package a lot of product well in advance of shipment. HayCloud allows you to create pressed inventory via a press log. The press log subtracts unprocessed hay from inventory, tracks your press efficiency, and adds inventory to your pressed hay inventory. HayCloud can show you all of your pressed inventory alongside your unprocessed inventory.

Standard or Metric Weights

HayCloud supports both standard units (pounds and short tons) and metric units (kg and metric tons).

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